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Benidorm Information And Apartments To Rent

 Benidorm Levante Beach And Promenade

Mainly because of the perceived danger of travelling to some destinations which were once thought safe, bookings for hotels, package holidays, and apartments in Spain have increased dramatically. Benidorm in particular has seen a huge upsurge in bookings for 2016. If you are considering Spain for this year's holiday we strongly advise you to book as soon as possible. Many of the popular hotels are now fully booked for 2016. 

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Love it or loathe it, Benidorm on the Costa Blanca  is Spain's most popular holiday destination, attracting thousands of visitors from across Europe every year. At night, with thousands of lights glowing in the towering apartment blocks, Benidorm resembles a miniature version of Manhattan. 

Benidorm is constructed around two large bays, separated by a rocky headland which is home to the atmospheric old town. On the north side of the headland is the two mile long Levante (sunrise) beach, spotlessly clean with a backdrop of mountains and very similar in appearance to Rio de Janeiro's Copa Cobana. 

Benidorm Poniente Promenade

To the north of the headland is the equally spotless Poniente (sunset) beach flanked by an impressive newly constructed promenade. The Poniente beach is popular with Spanish visitors and has a slightly more genteel atmosphere. 

Benidorm Hotels

As you would expect, Benidorm has an abundance of hotels to choose from ranging from luxurious 5star to the more basic 1 and 2 star establishments, something to suit most tastes.

The internet has made hotel booking simple, checkout over 100 Benidorm hotels including reviews and the best prices on Booking.Com 

Benidorm Apartments

Over the past ten to fifteen years, Benidorm has seen a huge increase in the number of privately owned self catering holiday apartments to rent.  

More and more people seem to be choosing self catering over package holidays.  The internet is probably 99% responsible for this shift in behaviour it
 has made booking flights, private accommodation and hotels extremely easy, saving a lot of money in the process. 

The quality of holiday apartments has increased dramatically as people's expectations have risen.  To see what's available this year, have a look at the Benidorm Apartments section of our Apartments Spain website.

   Benidorm Town The Levante Beach And Promenade 

To the north of the headland is Benidorm's  main tourist area comprising of the Avenido Mediterraneo boulevard lined with shops, bars and restaurants and behind the Avenido del Mediterraneo, the main hotel, bar and restaurant area. 

Some of the streets in this area are notorious for attracting large groups of stag and hen parties, they are quite easy to spot and avoid.  
Despite numerous attempts by the council to give the town a more upmarket image, they seem to be fighting a losing battle. Benidorm is what it is. 

The latest outlandish rumour is that Benidorm is applying for Europe's "Capital of Culture" award, which has to be a wind up. As well as the town, there are more bars, restaurants, shops and hotels lining the Levante promenade. The bars are busy day and night.  If you enjoy your music loud, try the Daytona rock bar or the Heartbreak hotel about halfway down the promenade, these bars often have live bands playing. 

The amazing guitar virtuoso  Rafa Raposo, often plays the Heartbreak Hotel on Friday nights or on Sundays around 5pm when the motorcycle enthusiasts roll up on their their Harley Davidsons and other famous bikes complete with leathers emblazoned with their club insignias.

Raffa Raposo Playing Live At The Heartbreak Hotel
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Poniente Promenade

The bay on the southern side of the headland is the more sedate Poniente (sunset) promenade which is where the majority of Spanish holidaymakers choose to stay. 

In 2009 the Poniente underwent a major reconstruction at a cost of millions of euros which was mostly funded by a European grant. 

The work took around three years to complete during which time a substantial number of  bars were forced to close due to lack of business caused by the extensive road works. 

The ones which did manage to survive during the reconstruction are benefiting from the increase in people using the promenade for early morning jogs, evening strolls, cycling, roller blading, mobility scooters and even the occaisional segway.  

The Poniente has areas of the beach where you can join in with large groups of mainly elderly people doing exercise or line dancing.

Park Elche
At the northern end of the Poniente promenade is Park Elche, famous for it's white doves or "paloma blancas" which all seem to congregate around a large fountain. Adjacent to a kiosk selling seeds and nuts is  a sign saying "don't feed the animals" 

Benidorm Church On The Headland
Just beyond Park Elche is Benidorm headland, a large rocky outcrop separating the Levante and Poniente promenades, most of the headland is home to Benidorm old town.  

If you can manage the rather steep walk to the top, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the Levante and Poniente beaches. The 18th century church of San Jamie which is a popular wedding venue is in a small square close to the summit.   

The iconic old town is a maze of narrow streets lined with tapas bars and shops.  On summer evenings, Spanish people flock to the old town for a cold drink prior to their evening meal.  After lots of publicity in a multitude of websites,  the old town has become increasingly popular with tourists.

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Benidorm Theme Parks
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Terra Mitica 2014
Benidorm now has three major theme parks, Terra Mitica, Terra Natura and Aqualandia. Terra Mitica and Terra Natura are situated outside the main town near the La Nucia dual carriageway.  

Terra Mitica is a large Mediterranean themed fairground with a range of impressive rides, with daily shows, and themed restaurants. Nearby Terra Natura is a large zoo which also contains a small water park. 

The well established Aqualandia is a huge water theme park on the outskirts  near Benidorm Palace.
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